Action cameras are compact devices that record short clips of high-quality video. Action cameras are usually waterproof and shockproof, allowing you to capture extreme sports, wildlife, and other exciting moments that can’t be captured with a standard digital camera. They usually have CMOS image sensors and can take burst and time-lapse photographs, as well as record high-definition video.

Most action cameras have special accessories, such as lenses and mounts, that let you capture high-quality video and photos in even more exciting ways. Some cameras even have built-in sensors so you can use them for recording your adventures without having to attach extra accessories.

Speaking of accessories, there are so many accessories that you can get for your action camera you won’t even miss carrying around your big average camera.  With technology changing so rapidly these little compact cameras are almost as good as a full sized camera. 


What is an action camera used for?

These cameras are designed for people who are just getting into action photography and want to improve their skills. The action camera is the perfect starter camera to learn how to use a camera. It will let you create your own videos and photos from the comfort of your own home or office. It is great for beginners because it’s easy to set up and use.


Some vloggers on YouTube strictly use an action camera for their footage.  They like how small and easy to use they are. WIth them being shockproof and waterproof you can take these action cameras virtually anywhere. Depending on what mount you have for your camera, they can attach to so many things. 

Action cameras are the perfect type of camera that you can grab for any situation and get a good shot or video. They are made to be the most versatile cameras available.

Underwater Footage


Since most of these action cameras are waterproof, you can use them for scuba diving, fishing, swimming, water sports, surfing, and boating. Action cameras, unlike ordinary cameras, feature additional layers of protection for the lens and body. Manufacturers are increasingly developing water-resistant action cameras that are waterproof without the need for a protective casing.

There are so many things you can do underwater with these cameras the content ideas are endless!

Slow Motion Shots

The action camera gives us a chance to slow down in the moment. I am always looking for the perfect shot. By using a slow motion camera, we can capture moments that are beyond the reach of our normal camera. It’s important to know how to use a slow motion camera when it comes to taking a great shot. 

Going back to what I previously mentioned, YouTubers will use these cameras for slow motion shots or ‘B-Roll’ in their videos. The quality of the slow motion shows from these handy little devices works perfectly for that.

What You Need From An Action Camera

Most action cameras have a high number of features but one of the most important features is its simplicity, to make the most of the camera’s power. You have to just make sure you have the right mount and you should not get stuck with one if you find one. The action camera will work with all types of mounts, Micro SD cards, USB drives, and a wide variety of cases.

Some specific features you need to look at are the video quality, durability, accessories, editing, and connectivity. 

Now let’s dive into each of these to give you a better understanding.

Video Quality

There are big differences with the quality of the photo or video that these cameras will produce. Some of them can look like it was taken straight out of a movie, while others look like it was shot from a 2000 flip phone. You don’t want to spend a few hundred and not be happy with the product. So make sure you check out how many FPS (Framers Per Second) the camera has as well as the MP (Mega Pixels).  The higher the camera has, the better the quality photo and video will be.



Having a durabil action camera is one of the main reasons to get one.  You can’t be worried about it breaking by putting it in small awkward places. Most of them come with a case, which is helpful, just like your smartphone.  You wouldn’t place your iPhone hanging from a tree 100 ft in the air without a quality case, and your action camera should be the same way. These cameras are made to take a beating as long as you’re spending enough money for the quality. 


Having the right accessories for your camera is critical. You need to have the right mounds, lenses, lights, and microphone. Some action cameras do not have the capabilities for external accessories, and it’s important that you know that.  If you plan on shooting in the dark, then you’ll definitely want a camera with an external light to brighten the shot.  Otherwise you’ll be carrying around a light.  The last thing you need to be thinking about is if you have everything you need with you.  Getting a camera that either comes with, or has the ability to have all of the accessories you need is important. 



Most action cameras record on an SD card, which is great.  But you need to know what kind of photo file or video file your camera will be recording in. 

For example if you’re recording a video and it saves your video in iMovie format, but you have a windows computer you’re going to have some issues.  You won’t be able to edit your video at all, unless you have a friend that is willing to let you borrow their Mac.


Connecting your camera to your computer. If your action camera does not record to a SD Card, then you’ll have to connect your camera to your computer.  You should understand how that happens.  Maybe your new camera will not have the cable that you need, so you’ll have to purchase that accessory. Some of the cameras even have WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, so you can connect them to your network and wirelessly transfer your pictures and videos off without connecting anything.  


It is very important to choose the action camera that fits your way of photography or filmmaking. Do you love breathtaking shots? Or if you’re a vlogger who does not wish to take care of numerous cameras? Are you a vlogger looking for a camera with built-in shotgun mic performance as well as a front-facing display to frame up your shots.

These are just a few things to think about before spending any money. You don’t want another addition to your collection of things collecting dust in your basement. 


Now you learned everything you need to know about action cameras and how to make the right purchase. With this information you can make the right purchase and feel good about it!