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GoPro Voice Commands

GoPro Voice Commands


There are a few GoPro voice commands that you can use to control your GoPro camera. Here is a list of the commands and what they do:

  • “GoPro Start Recording”
  • “GoPro HiLight” (Adds a highlight tag while recording video)
  • “GoPro Stop Recording”
  • “GoPro Take a Photo”
  • “GoPro Shoot Burst”
  • “GoPro Start Time Lapse”
  • “GoPro Stop Time Lapse”
  • “GoPro Video Mode”
  • “GoPro Photo Mode”
  • “GoPro Time Lapse Mode”
  • “GoPro Burst Mode”
  • “GoPro Turn Off”

The GoPro Voice Command feature allows you to control your GoPro camera with your voice. This feature is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Dutch. The voice command 

What to do if GoPro Voice Commands don't work

If gopro voice commands don’t work, check the following:

– Make sure that the gopro camera is turned on.

– Make sure that the gopro camera is in video mode or photo mode.

– Make sure that the gopro camera is within range of your voice.

– Try speaking louder if the gopro camera is not within range of your voice.

– Try saying the command again if the gopro camera does not respond to your first attempt.

– If you are still having trouble, try restarting the gopro camera. This can often fix gopro voice command issues.


Reasons to use voice commands on a Hero 9

Voice commands are convenient- You can start and stop recording without having to fiddle with buttons. This is great when you’re in the middle of an action packed moment and don’t want to take your hands off what you’re doing to reach for the camera.

They’re fast – When you’re in a hurry, voice commands can be a faster way to control your camera than button presses.

They can be helpful when you’re wearing gloves- If it’s cold or you’re wearing gloves, voice commands can be a convenient way to operate your camera since you don’t have to take them off to press buttons.

They are convenient while mounted- If your GoPro is mounted somewhere, you can use voice commands to start and stop recording without having to reach for the camera. This can be helpful if you’re shooting from an awkward angle or don’t have easy access to the camera.

Voice commands can be useful in low light situations- If it’s dark or difficult to see the camera’s buttons, voice commands can be a handy way to control your GoPro.

Some voice commands have changed

On the GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 6 Black, Remo, and the Hero 5 Black you would use the command “GoPro Turn On”, “GoPro Capture” and “GoPro Stop Capture”.  But those commands have since updated with their latest model, the Hero Black 9 and Max. 

GoPro voice commands are a convenient way to control your GoPro camera. You can use them to start and stop recording, take photos, and turn off the camera. You can also use GoPro voice commands to tag moments in your videos and photos, which can be helpful for quickly finding a specific moment later. If GoPro voice commands aren’t working, check to make sure that the GoPro camera is turned on and within range of your voice. You can also try restarting the GoPro camera. Lastly, they are available on the GoPro hero 7, GoPro hero 8, and GoPro hero 9.